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Introducing Our Parishioners Who Will Be Attending World Youth Day in Poland

Jamie Siess

Hello! I’m planning to take a trip with St. Matthew’s Youth Group to World Youth Day in Poland in July 2016. This is a once in a life time opportunity for me. I would get to travel the world, make many of my relationships stronger, and grow in my faith with God. I would attend mass led by Pope Francis, see the Divine Mercy Shrine, and visit Auschwitz. It will be 7 days to get in touch spiritually with myself and with God. Jesus is calling me to do this! He wants all of us to follow in his footsteps by spreading his word; this trip will help give me the courage I need to start living like Jesus did. I want to answer his call by going to Poland.

God calls you to do so many things in life. When I was at the hospital giving out water to people I had this feeling to go to this man sitting down waiting, but I walked on. Then he and I crossed paths again. God was showing me that he really wanted me to talk to this man. World Youth Day would help me deepen my faith with God and to hear his voice more clearly.

 Estefan Valdivia

Hi my name is Estefan Valdivia and I am signed up to go to World Youth Day next summer and I just wanted to share some reasons with you on why I think it would benefit me.I want to take this trip to Poland for world youth day because I think it would be a wonderful experience and a good opportunity for me to strengthen my faith, I want to know and see how other people from all over the world that worship our same God and I want to talk to them on why they also wanted to come here, maybe they have the same story as me. This is an experience that you have to do people say before you are gone and I want to say that I went to world youth day and that I got to meet the Pope and worship God in the same place that other Popes led the church. I would not take advantage of this opportunity and will cherish this moment if I get to go.

When I first heard about this I was hesitant about going to it because I have never flown or been away from my family that long, but after rethinking it I knew that I might not get another chance to go to this again and I had to take advantage of this. Thank you for reading this and I hope you give me this opportunity to do this.

Ali Crawford

Hi my name is Ali Crawford and I am a St. Matthew’s youth. I want to attend World Youth Day in 2016 because just a couple years ago my mother’s life was changed due to a small spark of faith. I have never been able to comprehend what motivated her to become Catholic, but all I know is Jesus came down and changed her life. My mother is very big into the Catholic faith and I am not as much. I attend church most Sunday's and I am apart of Religious Education class, but I need more Jesus in my life. 

Whenever I make a mistake or get down on myself my mother tells me that it's okay and it's not a mistake because God doesn't make mistakes. But I can never fully believe her because I believe that I am missing a small chunk of faith. I have a hard time and lots of doubts about my faith and I think that by attending World Youth Day will be that extra little push I need to expand my faith. 

My grandmother was one of the biggest Catholics I have ever met. Her favorite Pope was St. John Paul II. As her life began to fade she made my mother promise her one thing. That was to take me and her to a World Youth Day. We began finding more and more about it and it's like it was hand picked from Jesus himself. We found out that in 2016 in Poland World Youth Day was all about St. John Paul II. My grandmother was 70 when she pasted away on 10-30-12 due to Lung Cancer. This never broke my mom but only pushed her more to fulfill my grandma’s promise. When ever I hear World Youth Day I think of my grandmother. At first I wasn't too sure about attending, but once my grandmother passed it was almost like a sign I have to do this. 

 (Between now and next spring,the World Youth Day group will be sponsoring several fundraisers. Be sure to show them your support.)




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