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St. Matthew Early Learning Center offers full day and half day programs for children 3-5 years old.  We believe that every child will learn at his/her own pace.  We build on their strengths to help them be successful and practice skills that challenge them.  We encourage problem solving and creativity as we learn and grow. Our curriculum offers the students opportunities to learn through their play.  We offer music, P.E., and library time as well as a hot lunch program through the grade school. 

Contact Melissa at 233-1220 to set up a tour, meet our teachers, and enroll for the 2017-2018 school year.

Gearing up for the new school year!

Teachers are getting ready for the upcoming school year!  Are you ready for the new school year?  For many parents and students this is the first time away from each other.  Here are a few tips to help ease into the school year.

1. Visit the school before school starts.  Meet other students, parents and talk with the teachers.  Join us for Sneak Peek on August 21st 4 pm-6 pm.

2.  Allow your child to voice their concerns while be reassuring.  Discuss the good things that happen at school.

3.  Let your child choose their outfit for the first day of school.  School starts August 23rd!

4.  If you know some of the parents of kids that will be in your's child's class, try to plan a play date before the first day.

5.  If your child is not used to being away from you, start leaving them with a friend or family member for short periods of time.  This will help easy any separation anxiety.

6.  Surprise your child with a special breakfast to celebrate the first day.

7.  Play preschool at home.

8. Go shopping for your child's book bag and lunch box.  Let them choose the one they will carry to school.

9.  Place a family photo in your child's book bag.  This can be a source of comfort.

10.  You may get teary eyed about this new transition but don't cry in front of your child.  This may cause them to look at school in a negative way.  Be positive and happy about school!  

If you have any questions about starting school or helping your child with transitioning from home to school please feel free to talk to your child's teacher or the director about your concerns.

See you soon!

Melissa Meinhardt

Thanks to Frugal Fanatic for the article help!

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