Beginning Band 12.6.17

Please continue to practice the following pieces: 

-Hallelujah Chorus

- The Little Drummer Boy

- The Good King Rocks


Nutcracker 12.13.17

Just a friendly reminder to please turn in your Nutcracker permission slips ASAP.


Blessing and God Bless!


Advanced Band 11.7.2017

Practice Material: 

- All Is Well

- Feliz Navidad

- Hope Everlasting

Beginning Band 11.7.2017

Practice Material:

- Hallelujah Chorus

- Good King Rock

- Little Drummer Body


Wednesday December 6th @ 5:30 PM

Wednesday December 13th@ 5:30 pm



We will sing on Sunday December 24th at 5:00 pm mass.  Please arrive at 4:15 PM.


New Online Practice Record

Mr. Hubbard

Mr. Hubbard

Instrumental & Vocal Music