Middle School ELA News - Jan. 22

The 6th grade is about midway through the novel The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. We are enjoying the book immensely. To accompany the readings, the students are writing an "Imaginary Sea Journal" where they document an adventure at sea (in diary form) in which they are the protagonists. We are yellowing the pages and will soon bind them in string. We will share our adventures with the class at the culmination of the novel. As always they are enthusiastic about the new vocabulary words we are encountering in the book. Encourage them to use the words at home in conversation with you.

The 7th grade is currently reading A Midsummer Night's Dream after a fun and thorough study of the Elizabethan Era (presentations, Globe Theatre models and sonnet writing). We assign roles everyday and the students play the characters. We all survived a rowdy stage combat session today between the two young characters, Lysander (Mason) and Demetrius (Sean).

The 8th grade is finishing their Greek Mythology Unit this week. We will have a unit test on Wednesday (Jan. 24). Please encourage your student to study their Greek Mythology flash cards. We will begin a study of Romeo and Juliet on Thursday. Their first assignment will be a group project presentation on the Elizabethan Era. The 8th graders will also be writing a "Respect Life" essay (due February 28th). 







Mrs. Dessert

Mrs. Dessert

Middle School English/Language Arts