Field Day K-5th

Field Day for the lower grades will be May 9th. If there are parents who need volunteer hours and would like to help, please reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. More information will be posted around spring break. 

Field Day 6-8

Field Day for 6-8th grades will be Thursday, May 10th. We will be gone all school day at Sports Pavilion Lawrence, Lawrence KS. Students will need to bring a water bottle. There are water bottle fill up stations at the Pavilion. Please make sure students also wear tennis shoes or they will not allowed to be on the courts or soccer field. More information will be sent out around spring break. Look forward to a fun filled day!

February Goals

Great job to the students working on their goals for last month! It was nice to hear students telling me they ate more vegetables this month or did a great job on their test. Parents please help remind the students to work on their new goal or keep at it with their old ones for this month, which we will be adding to the Goal door this week. Great Job!!!!

K-8 Basketball

For the next couple of weeks we will be working on our basketball skills. The students will work on ball coordination, dribbling, shooting and working as a team. 

Yesterday (January 24), 6-8 were able to work on finger dexterity, passing and dribbling with Wayne Simien. They also were able to learn a new basketball game from Wayne. I was very impressed on how well the students represented our school. Nice Work!

Fitness Testing 3-8 Grade 2nd semester

This week the students will be doing Fitness Testing. I received a grant and I purchased plyo boxes to help the students with their jumping and landing skill. We will be using them for fitness testing and I am very proud of the students for the effort they have put into jumping correctly. Some students surprised themselves on how high they can jump. 


Hope everyone had a great Christmas break! We will be starting the year off with the students writing down a goal on my door and each month they can grow on their goal or change it up. Please encourage your student to work on their goal outside of school. 

Fitness Testing 3-8 Grade Results

Fitness testing was new to the students this year and I am very impressed the hard work the students did this semester. Almost all the students improved their scores from the beginning of the school year. The students put a lot of effort into the testing and i am very proud of them. I Look forward to next semester. 

3-8 Grades

The way the students will be graded this year for P.E is by participation and attendance. Everyday is worth 20 points. 10 points for showing up and wearing appropriate shoes. The other 10 points will be on good sportsmanship and effort. 100 points are possible for the entire week if it's a full 5 day school week. If students miss a day they will have opportunities to make up the points. 

Welcome to P.E

Hi there! my name is Mrs. Langer and I am the new P.E teacher for Saint Matthews. A little about myself is that I am from Perry, KS and live there with my husband Aaron Langer. We have two awesome dogs, Stanley and Emma Rae. I got my Bachelor of Science  degree at Baker University with emphasis on Physical Education and Health. I have a background in personal training and I played tennis at Johnson County Community College for 2 years. I look forward to sharing my passion for sports and fitness with all my students. Can't wait to meet everyone.