April 22-26

Hello Third Grade Families,

I am looking forward to a regular week! No breaks or state assessments. I think the students will miss the assessments, they realized that they took the place of math. Not having math homework was worth taking assessments.

Remember to have your child bring their Genius Hour project to school on Thursday. If there is a video it would be helpful to have it Wednesday so that we may make sure it will play on our computer at school. Student's names will be randomly drawn to determine the order of presentation.

Miss Franklin's last day with us is Friday! We have enjoyed having her in our class and we hope she has learned as much from us as we have learned from her. We send her with our blessings and prayers as she prepares to graduate and then teach 4th grade at Most Pure Heart of Mary next year.

God bless,


April 16-19

Hello Families,

This week the students will take the state assessments for the first time!  They have worked hard this year and are ready to show us how much they have learned. Please help them succeed by having them begin each day well rested and fed. We will have a snack each morning before we begin.

We will continue to celebrate the Easter season this week. Students will put together an Easter book during our Religion class.

The children are enjoying Stone Fox and we will wrap up the book this week. Look for a new spelling list on Monday. Since there is not school on Friday we will test on Thursday.

Please join us Tuesday, for Mass. This will be the final third grade Mass.

God bless,



April 9-13

Hello Third Grade Families!


I hope you all had a lovely Easter and that you will continue to celebrate the Easter season with your children! In Religion this week, students will be studying Works of Mercy and Saint Bernadette.


Students are improving their multiplication skills in Math, but it is important that these skills are also practiced at home. An easy way to accomplish this is to quiz students in the car on the way to school in the morning.


In Reading, students are participating in a literature circle on Stone Fox. Each day, students have a different part to complete and share with their groups. It is essential that each student complete their job so that the circle time runs smoothly and everyone obtains all the information from each chapter.


Life Cycles are the focus in Science. Students will learn about photosynthesis and why plants give us fruit. Students are learning the beauty of God’s creation!


Have a great week!


God Bless,


Miss Franklin



April 3-6

Easter Blessings!

Last week the children brought home a prayer snack to share the Easter message to share with you. Just incase it did not make it home here is the prayer.

The Easter Story Snack Mix

pretzel sticks- the cross    

Colossians 2:14

craisins- Jesus’ blood        

Ephesians 1:7

round cracker-the stone rolled away from the tomb

    Luke 24:2

goldfish-be fishers of men

    Matthew 4:19

marshmallows-our sins are washed away!

    1John 1:19

sweet treat-”Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

    Psalm 34:8




March 26-28

Hello Third Grade Families,


I hope you have all had a relaxing and fun Spring Break! I am looking forward to seeing all of the third graders again soon.


This week in Religion, students will learn about Saint Katharine Drexel. On Wednesday, March 28th, students will participate in a retreat for Holy Week. We will be making pretzels, discussing the book, The Proud Tree, and participating in other prayerful activities.


In Math, students will practice different methods of estimating and using compatible numbers. We are devoting Math lessons on Fridays to practicing multiplication, but it is very important to continue working with your students at home.


Before Spring Break, students wrote a rough draft of a story using dialogue. It was so fun to see each student’s creativity shine through! This week, students will edit and revise their stories.


Students must complete 50% of their AR goals by April 13th to be eligible for the “Day at the K” reward. We have been reading many eligible books as a class, so please urge your students to take tests.


In Social Studies, we are finishing a unit on Landforms. They will take a quiz on this topic this week.


Please let me know if you have any questions, I am always willing to help in any way I can.


God Bless,


Miss Franklin



March 12-16


Hello Third Grade Families! 
Your students have been busy learning the last few weeks and will continue this 
week before Spring Break! 
In Religion, we will continue to focus on Lent. This Wednesday, March 14th, students 
will have the opportunity to participate in Reconciliation. Students will also be 
learning about Saint Katharine Drexel, whose Feast Day was March 3rd.  
We are continuing to put great emphasis on mastery of multiplication in Math. On 
Fridays, students will be tested on their multiplication facts and more time will be 
spent on this throughout the week. Please continue practicing multiplication facts 
with your students. Even a few minutes every night will greatly benefit them. If you 
do not have flash cards, there are many online sites that are great resources, the 
kids enjoy them too! Here is a link to one I found: 
Our focus in Social Studies is on Geography. Last week, students learned about 
many different types of maps and this week they will learn about continents and 
different types of land forms.  
In Reading, students will learn about using dialogue in writing. They will also get to 
write their own stories using dialogue. It is so fun to see their creativity in their writing!  
God Bless, 
Miss Franklin 

March 5-9

Hello Third Grade Families,


It was nice to have a full week last week! We were able to get a lot of learning accomplished in the classroom and are excited for another full week ahead!


Our third grade Mass is this Tuesday, March 6th. Many students will be participating in the Mass, so feel free to come.  


In Religion, we will be connecting poetry with Psalms from the Bible. Later in the week, students will begin learning about Saint Katharine Drexel. This Wednesday, March 7th, students will be responsible for knowing the second seven Stations of the Cross.  The stations students will need to know are italicised below.

  1. Pilate condemns Jesus to die

  2. Jesus accepts his cross

  3. Jesus falls for the first time

  4. Jesus meets his mother, Mary

  5. Simon helps carry the cross

  6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

  7. Jesus falls for the second time

  8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

  9. Jesus falls for the third time

  10. Jesus is stripped of his clothes

  11. Jesus is nailed to the cross

  12. Jesus dies on the cross

  13. Jesus is taken down from the cross

  14. Jesus is placed in the tomb


In Science, students will take a test over the Ecosystems unit on Tuesday.  We will then begin learning about Geography in Social Studies.


In Reading, students will be finishing their own poems. We will also be learning about how to draw conclusions from a reading.


We have completed cursive handwriting and will continue working on mastery.


God Bless,


Miss Franklin



Mrs. Lein

Mrs. Lein
3rd Grade