December 11-15

Happy Second Week of Advent!

This is a very busy week for us.

We will have a special visitor stop by Monday afternoon. I will try to post photos on the Third Grade Facebook page tomorrow night.

Wednesday, we have the opportunity for Reconciliation. Then we will head to TPAC to watch the Nutcracker. The afternoon we will be sharing Christmas joy at the VA.

Our spelling list will be holiday words. I hope the children find this fun.

Fractions have been the focus in math this week. We will begin learning how to find the perimeter of a polygon and the area of a rectangle. All of this is building up to using our multiplication facts in a practical way.

Next semester we will have a student teacher. Miss Franklin will stop by Tuesday to meet us.  She is an alum of Most Pure Heart of Mary, Hayden High School and soon KU. This is a great opportunity for us to help a new teacher.

Thank you for  helping your child complete their homework. We are not at 100% completion but it is much better than in the beginning of the year.

Advent blessings,



December 5-8

Happy Advent,

Please remember that we do not have school tomorrow.

With this in mind I have included this weeks spelling word list.

There are fewer words but the students need to know when to use each as well as spelling it correctly.









I'll be placing the December book order Wednesday evening. The order will be here before Christmas break. Remember, I am happy to be Santa's helper if you want to order books as gifts.

God bless,




November 27-December 1

Dear Third Grade Families,

I hope everyone has had a blessed Thanksgiving break. I enjoyed time with my family and the fabulous weather.

We are in the second  half of the second quarter. Last Monday progress reports were sent home. Please sign and return these to me.

Permission slips also went home last week for the children to attend the Nutcracker. These need to be signed and returned as soon as possible.

It is time to begin practicing the times tables. We will begin our focus on the zeros, ones, twos, threes, fives and tens. Fours will be next. 5-10 minutes a night will assure mastery and future success.

This week we will change our focus from Science to Social Studies. Using the climate maps we created for Science, we will learn the continents, oceans, and how to read maps.

We continue to study the Creed in our Religion class.

Tuesday, third grade will help lead the celebration of the Mass. I hope you can join us.

God bless,



Nov 20-21

Happy Thanksgiving,

Thank you for sharing your children with me. They are truly a blessing. Friday they were the choir for the all school mass. Their voices were amazing! I know they enriched my celebration of Mass for this I am forever grateful.

Monday and Tuesday will be a mix of regular curriculum and seasonal activities.

I will be sending home an interview project for each child to do with a grandparent. I am hoping that families are together and this can be done in person. If not please help your child do this via a phone call. Please let your child take the notes as they ask the questions. This is part of the learning experience. We will use the notes to complete a project at school.

This year we will not be sharing weekly Advent Angel gifts. We will do a gift exchange at our Advent party. Each child is asked to bring a gift for their own gender. Gifts should be worth between $5 and $6. Please wrap, label the gift 'boy' or 'girl' and sign it.

God bless,



November 13-17

Dear Third Grade Families,

Thank you for your generosity with the book fair coin collection. This enabled me to purchase books for the classroom.  I also appreciate the books that were purchased for our classroom. We were fortunate to win the book fair Bingo game and the prize was to purchase more books for the classroom. Our classroom library grew tremendously last week.

We will begin another Literature Circle book this week. Please help your child read and complete their assigned job each night. It is essential that this is completed as each child has a different job and the jobs are shared the following day. Books and Literature Circle packets need to be returned to school each day.

God bless,





November 6-11

Dear Third Grade Families,

I'm posting this article earlier than usual at the request of some of the students. They were concerned with the short week next week and wanted to see the new spelling list before Tuesday. Aren't they amazing?

Here are next week's words.

he’s                                        haven’t
she’s                                       won’t
didn’t                                     don’t
isn’t                                        wasn’t
you’re                                    north
we’re                                     south
they’re                                  east
there’s                                  west


We have begun to study measuring in math. Please help your child to determine when it is best to measure with inches, feet or yards. The students need to be able to measure to the nearest quarter inch.


Language Arts has us learning about parts of speech and this week we wrote our first opinion piece.  We had fun giving reasons for our opinions.


We will learn to predict weather in Science next week. Will we be as accurate as the local weather forecaster?


Next week is Vocation Awareness Week. We will explore how God calls us to our vocations.


Remember to set your clocks back Saturday night.


And remember there is no school Monday.


God bless,




October 30 - November 3

Hello Third Grade Families,

Thank you for attending Parent/Teacher Conferences. I enjoyed visiting with you and I'm looking forward to the second quarter with your children.

This week we are collecting change for the Book Fair. Students are asked to bring pennies to school on Monday, nickels on Tuesday, dimes on Wednesday, quarters on Thursday and dollars on Friday.

We are also collecting items for our veterans. Third grade has been asked to bring chap stick. What a great way to show we are thinking of them.

We have been studying the Greatest Commandment. The students brought home a copy of this last week. Please help them study this. I will be asking them to recite it to me later this week.

Tuesday is Halloween!  Students will begin changing into their costume at 2:15. You are welcome at this time if they need assistance. The Halloween parade will begin at 2:30 and the party will follow.

Wednesday we will celebrate All Saints' Day with Mass and a special activity during the day.

God bless,



Mrs. Lein

Mrs. Lein
3rd Grade