April 9-13

Hello Third Grade Families!


I hope you all had a lovely Easter and that you will continue to celebrate the Easter season with your children! In Religion this week, students will be studying Works of Mercy and Saint Bernadette.


Students are improving their multiplication skills in Math, but it is important that these skills are also practiced at home. An easy way to accomplish this is to quiz students in the car on the way to school in the morning.


In Reading, students are participating in a literature circle on Stone Fox. Each day, students have a different part to complete and share with their groups. It is essential that each student complete their job so that the circle time runs smoothly and everyone obtains all the information from each chapter.


Life Cycles are the focus in Science. Students will learn about photosynthesis and why plants give us fruit. Students are learning the beauty of God’s creation!


Have a great week!


God Bless,


Miss Franklin



Mrs. Lein

Mrs. Lein
3rd Grade