Week of April 9-13 in Second Grade

This week in Religion class we are continuing to learn about the Mass.  We are focusing on the Liturgy of the Word.  The students will learn the order of the readings as well as our responses.  They will also learn about the creed and the petitions.  

Our spelling list this week has 2-syllable words that end with -er.  This list can be found on the Spelling City web site.   With this list we will also be talking about how to divide words into syllables.  They will practice dictionary skills as they learn to use that resource for dividing words.

In Social Studies we are practicing map skills and research skills as we learn about the seven continents.

Looking ahead:

April 17--Field trip "From Farm to You"

April 19--Field trip "Jesus Day"

April 20--no school--teacher School of Faith and professional development

April 25--First Communion practice

April 28--First Communion Retreat

April 29--First Communion

May 13--Second grade (school and RE) lead ministries at 10:30 Mass (May Crowning)