April Book Report

For the month of April I would like the students to read a historical fiction or realistic fiction book, their choice, and choose one of the following projects to do. I would like to remind you that I have changed the rubric to put a larger emphasis on the book’s summary.  Also note that under elements the students can check off the elements that they will need in their report, it is important that students include all of the elements in their report. The students will be presenting in class on April 27th and 30th.


Possible projects

1.       Complete the historical fiction book report form. Students may need more room to complete the summary and other elements. I might recommend creating your own report form. (This option is only for historical fiction books.)

2.       Create a timeline of important events that happened in your book. You will need a minimum of 10 important events. Include details of the events in your book summary.

3.       Create a book in a box. You will not need to write a summary on your book for this project, but make sure you include details from your book in your paragraphs on your index cards.

4th Grade Spelling Words

We are continuing to use Spelling City for our spelling tests each Friday. You can find the various lists using the web address https://www.spellingcity.com/a925p159/. Students’ lists tend to vary from week to week so if you are ever wondering what list your student is on please don’t hesitate to ask.