AdvancEd continuous improvement process

St. Matthew Catholic School is fully accredited through the Kansas State Department of Education and AdvancED.  The AdvancED engagement process represents the unified process for the north Central Association Commission on Accreditation and Institution Improvement (NCA CASI), the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Institiutions Council on Engagement and Institution improvement (SACS CASI).  Institutions such as SMCS seeking to earn and maintain this accreditation follow the AdvancED Engagement Process.

Our last external review visit was in November 2013.  The external review team observed the following as "Powerful Practices" at SMCS:

  • St. Matthew Catholic School has a very welcoming and faith-filled atmosphere.

  • Sense of community was evident through observations, interviews, and self study.

  • The school’s leadership, staff, students and families live and breathe the school mission statement.

  • St. Matthew School personnel implements practices to maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment for students and staff.

  • The visionary leadership has begun to develop a comprehensive plan for continuous school improvement.

  • St. Matthew School personnel know, care and advocate for each student.

  • The Early Childhood Learning Center has strong leadership, excellent programming and is serving as a feeder for the school.



In addition the external review team prescribed the following "Required Actions":

  • Generate a timeline and financial plan to systematically improve the school’s technology capabilities to function at a level that permits 21st century student learning.
  • Develop a formalized process for collecting data across all grade levels in reading and math, collaboratively analyzing the data and making instructional decisions from the data collected.
  • Evaluate current MTSS practices and adjust to implement daily MTSS opportunities in K-8, reading and math, using data-driven, research-based interventions.


Our next accreditation visit will be in 2018-19.