News this week.



A lot is going on around St. Matthews this week!  If you haven't noticed, the Book Fair started today and will be open till Sunday. Please come by, take a look, and purchase a book for your child.

Friday, will be Grandparents Day.  All of the children's Genius Projects will be on display.

The students will also have a couple of test this week.  They will have their spelling pre-test on Thursday.  If they pass at 100%, they will not have to take the test on Friday.  Regular spelling test will be Friday.

Group I in math, will have a test on Friday, and Group II will have their math test on Thursday.

Verb test will be next Monday,  We will review on Friday.

Only two more weeks until Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your week.


Ms. Crable


Holiday Books with Scholastic



Today, your child will be bringing home a pamphlet on different books you can purchase for them for the Holidays.  They make great

Christmas gifts!!!  I always buy for my son.  If you purchase more than $25.00, your child will get a free book with $5.00.  Please take a look and hopefully you will purchase.  You can purchase by bringing back the order form on the back with a check made out to Scholastic, or you can get on the website; Scholastic, and look for our school, and then my name, Ms. Crable.  You will need to pay by way of credit card to purchase this way.  Hope you enjoy looking at the types of  books that are available with your child.


Ms. Crable

News this week.

We will be having a busy week. Tuesday and Wednesday the students will be taking KITE Test.

They will also have a Religion, Chapter 4 test tomorrow. They have small books they made that have the new

words and definitions they learned from this chapter.

We will be having Mass on Tuesday so remember to wear your green shirts!

Thursday will be teacher/student/parent conferences.  Your child must attend.

Friday, the students will be out of school.


Enjoy your weekend!!!