Music Highlights


 Kindergarten are learning solfege hand signs to many simple folk songs and learning to improvise on the Orff instruments.  

First Grade are learning and reviewing solfege hand signs to the musical scale.  They are learning many folk songs using choreography.

Second Grade are learning to follow a musical score with a variety of songs in the Music Express magazines.  They are learning to sing songs from the Broadway stage and several multi-cultural songs.  They are also learning to sing the National Anthem and "God Bless America".

The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade have learned to sing "O Salutaris" and "Tantum Ergo" in Latin.  They sang "Tantum Ergo" for the October First Friday Benediction on Oct. 5th.  

Third Grade are learning to play the recorder.  Fourth Grade are continuing to work on their recorder skills. Fifth Grade Band and Strings are off to a good start.  

Advanced Band Students are preparing music for the Holiday Tea at VA in December and the Advent Program

"The Christmas Chronicles" will be a large part of our Advent Program (Dec. 18th). This musical will be presented by the Drama Elective Middle-School Students.  The Fifth Grade will represent the manger scene with various animals.  All students will participate in singing the songs.  

Manning Music Rent to Own Option for Band and Orchestra Instruments

Go to:

Click on: "rentals"

Choose your instrument.

Rental Brochures are available at Manning Music.  This is a rent-to-own option.  There will be more information on this later.

Website link for John Jacobson's Music Express Magazine  

This is a general music curriculum that employs digital access as well as student magazines six times per year.  All strategies are linked to standards and include instrumental (recorder and Orff percussion), vocal (unison and harmony), multicultural dances, music history, and biographical sketches of musicians from Renaissance to current artists.  The digital feature includes dance demonstrations, musical concepts, listening maps, musical composition (Noteflight), and choreography. Many of the digital features are interactive. This curriculum/license has been purchased for the 2018-19 school year. The website gives a good overview of what the subscription offers.  

Ms. Noll