The next St. Matthew Parish Gala is...


so mark your calendar NOW! This is the day following our parish feast day (the Feast of St. Matthew is September 21st).  This year's theme is "A Night In Italy."

We are always looking for people who would be willing to assist with this event because as you might imagine, it takes the work of quite a few people to make it a success, not to mention a fun evening for all those who attend. So if you would be willing to lend a hand, please call Francesca Lang (845-7536) or Megan Chavez (250-5598). And be sure to watch the bulletin for information as it becomes available.

Parish Mission A Blessing To All, Even Those Who Couldn't Attend

On Monday, February 19th and Tuesday, February 20th, St. Matthew Parish was blessed to have Fr. Jarrod Lies from St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Wichita, Kansas here to conduct our Parish Mission: Blessed by God's Mercy. With his sense of humor, his deep knowledge and his devout faith, he spoke about God's mercy and how we can all have access to this marvelous gift. It was inspirational and humorous and very educational.

Fr. Jarrod was kind enough to share with us the notes from his presentation so that those who attended can go back and review, and those who were not able to attend the mission can look at the notes for themselves. You can find these notes if you click on the green PARISH DOCUMENTS tab on the right hand side of the parish website homepage, or you can simply click here. (We also recorded Fr. Jarrod's presentations, and they are available below for your listening pleasure.)

Right click here to download

Right click here to download

Why is STEWARDSHIP so important?

St. Matthew Launches a NEW Online Directory & Mobile App

Every year for the past 20+ years, St. Matthew Parish has published a Parish Directory containing the names, addresses and phone numbers of all its members. This has been a great tool for people to use to contact one another. But times have changed and the printed directory doesn't always meet the needs of our parishioners.

We are pleased to announce that St. Matthew Parish has launched a new Online Directory and Mobile App. This is a new service provided by Guidebook Publishing, the company that has printed and published our paper directory for many years. We are not doing away with the printed edition, but rather adding to what we already provide. We are basically taking the information that we already publish and making it available in another format.

With the new Online Directory and Mobile App, you as a parishioner have much more control over what is shared and are able to communicate with the Parish Office and your fellow parishioners much easier. 

Say for instance, you move and your address has changed. You can go into the online directory and make that change yourself. That information will automatically be forwarded to the Parish Office so that your records can be updated. The same holds true with any of your family or individual information. AND you can upload family and individual photos, which is a great way for people to recognize and get to know one another.

Another great thing you can do in the new online directory is search for other people who are say for instance, in a particular ministry or part of a particular organization. 

For your peace of mind, the directory is password protected and only available to members of our congregation. Those members of our parish for whom we have email addresses on file have already received an email containing their username and password, as well as instructions on how to log in and get started. Once you are logged on, you can change your password if you wish as well as make changes and correction to your family/family member profile. If we do not have your email address, you can get started by clicking HERE or follow the link found in the Quick Links section of this webpage (see right hand side of page)

Once you have your username and password, you can search "Guide Book Publishing" at your app store and download it for free. Then all the directory information will literally be "at your fingertips."

We hope you will take advantage of this new service, and if you have any questions, contact Bob Broxterman, St. Matthew Parish Administrator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..