Altar Care

Help maintain the beauty of the sanctuary, including the holy water fonts, candles, etc.

Contact Dorothy Reyer

Altar/Gathering Space Plants & Flowers

And if you have a green thumb, help is needed caring for the flowers in church.

Contact Donna Fitzpatrick

Altar Linens

Help is also needed laundering the altar cloths, napkins and corporals used at our celebration of the Eucharist.

Contact Barb McCauley

Assist with Maintenance & Upkeep of Parish Facilities/Grounds

Do minor repairs and assist with upkeep of parish facilities/grounds. Help is needed with mowing and trimming, snow removal, miscellaneous construction & repair projects, etc. Please specify your particular area of interest or expertise.


Galen Greenwood

Church Cleaning

Work with other parish volunteers on a regular basis to help keep the church looking clean and presentable. Work as little or as much as your schedule will allow. Normal times for cleaning the church are Monday and Friday mornings, but other arrangements can be made according to your schedule.

Contact Norma Cregan

Count Collection

Assist with counting the weekly collection and prepare the deposit. In addition to those who volunteer on a weekly basis, occasional substitutes are also needed. Please specify on the sign up sheet.


Carey Kennedy
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Enchilada Project

Assist with cooking and making enchiladas for this annual school fundraiser.

Contact Debbie Escobar

Food Pantry

Assist with the monthly collection of food, organizing and packing up “care packages,” and helping with the weekly distribution.


Pat Spinelli

Garden Club

If you've got a "green thumb," you might find a home with our garden club. These parishioners help care for all of the flowerbeds and landscape areas around the parish facilities.s.

Contact Mary Lou McPhail

Help in Parish Office

Assist with various office tasks: prepare bulk mailings, help stuff bulletin inserts, provide phone coverage, run copies, etc.

Contact Maureen Leiker
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Janitorial Assistant

We are in need of individulas who would be willing to step in and assist with the cleaning of the school on those days when the janitor is gone (vacation, sick days, etc.). Help is also needed from time to time with larger projects such as the stripping and waxing of floors.

Contact Bob Broxterman
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Lenten Soup Suppers

Help prepare and serve a simple meatless meal of “soup & sandwich” on Friday evenings during Lent, assist with set-up and clean-up.

Contact Parish Office

Let's Help Volunteer

Help prepare and serve lunch at Let's Help on the first Wednesday of every month.

Contact Katy Field

Parish Work Day(s)

Parishioners gather periodically to clean and care for all of the parish facilities (school, rectory, church, preschool, grounds, etc.). Volunteers are also needed to help organize these events.

Contact Alan Spicer

Social Justice Committee

Parishioners who help us respond to the needs of our community and beyond.


Mary Alford
Jason Osterhaus

Physical Resource Committee

Oversees the upkeep and improvement of parish facilities and assists with planning for future needs.

Contact Galen Greenwood

Prayer Blankets

People are needed to help assemble/sew simple lap blankets that are blessed and given to members of the parish in times of illness.

Contact Dale Rose

Prison Ministry

Ministers to those incarcerated in the Topeka area by teaching/assisting, etc.

Contact Betty Henderson


Help sew such items as altar linens, vestments, baptismal garments, repair torn server robes, etc.

Contact Parish Office
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Stewardship Ministry

Promotes the Stewardship way of life within our parish through education, encouragement and empowerment, meets periodically to evaluate our stewardship efforts and look for way to better carry the call of stewardship tp all our parishioners. Coordinates the annual Stewardship appeal and the Stewardship Appreciation Banquet.

Contact Alan Spicer